San Antonio Defensive Driving for That Oops Moment

It can happen in a second. You’re driving along, minding your own business when, out of nowhere, flashing lights. While you were sure you weren’t going that fast or that you had stopped completely before you turned right on red, the officer just didn’t see it that way. Now you’ve got yourself a ticket. How can you make this bad memory go away?

Clear It Up Fast and Easy

Fortunately for you, the state of Texas allows the dismissal of traffic tickets with the use of a defensive driving class. Doubly fortunate for you, defensive driving isn’t nearly the beating that used to be. When you choose a course from Defensive Driving San Antonio, dismissing your ticket will be WAY more fun than it was getting it!

Once upon a time, the only way that you could take a defensive driving class was to commit six hours of your life to go and sit, listening to boring lectures. Good news is, those days are over. When you choose to take your course with Defensive Driving San Antonio, you will be able to complete your course whenever and wherever you choose.

A Little about Us

The course that we offer at Defensive Driving San Antonio is approved by the Texas Education Agency and is recognized in every Texas court for ticket dismissal.  So, if you had the privilege to meet a policeman in Abbot or a state trooper in Zapata, we have you covered from A-Z. Choosing an approved course is important because it is the only type of course that is accepted for ticket dismissal.

Our basic package includes your certificate of completion, processing and basic shipping. And at only $25, you won’t find a lower price anywhere. If the court also requires a copy of your driving record (and they probably will), you can upgrade to our course/driving record combo for only $49.95. Hassle free and convenient, it really is the best way to go.

Is the Course Hard to Take?

Not any more than taking a tablespoon of cod liver oil. Relax, we’re kidding. There are several ways we make our course easy to take and, dare we say it, fun. Using a combination of video, infographics and tongue in cheek text, the course will keep you both engaged and entertained. While we do have to make sure that you actually learn something, we won’t ask you to remember everything you’ve learned for a big final exam at the end of the course. Our course is broken down into short, easy to complete units with short, multiple-choice quizzes at the end of each one.

We also make it easy by allowing you to customize your course to fit your schedule. As you are working on the course, you may log in and out as often as you wish. Whether you have six hours or six minutes available, you can chip away at your course until you are finished. The course automatically saves your place so, when you log back in, you can pick up right where you left off.

And Here’s Another Thing

Paying too much for auto insurance? Would you like to pay less? Most insurance carriers offer a discount to their good drivers. One of the ways you can prove that you’re a good driver is by taking a defensive driving course. After you have completed your San Antonio defensive driving course, you will be receiving two certificates of completion. One of them is to submit to the court for your ticket dismissal and the other is to submit to your insurance agent for your discount. The discount varies from company to company, so check with your agent to see how much you can save.

So Why Choose

The reasons are simple:

  • Guaranteed lowest price
  • Work at your own pace
  • Course/driving record combo makes it easy
  • Dismiss your ticket
  • Save on your insurance

A course from Defensive Driving San Antonio really is the easiest and most entertaining way to kiss your ticket goodbye. Get started today!

Ready to dismiss that ticket? Take the easiest and most convenient course approved for the state of Texas!