Why Did the Court Request a Copy of My DPS Certified Driving Record?

Most courts in Texas will require a copy of your driving record along with your defensive driving course completion certificate in order to dismiss your ticket. State law dictates that drivers may only dismiss one ticket per year. This law was put into place when it was discovered that drivers were receiving tickets in multiple municipalities and dismissing tickets in each without the knowledge of the other that they were doing it. Requiring a driving record has put an end to this practice and, hopefully, the drivers who were trying to beat the system this way are being forced to become more responsible drivers.

Is There Any Other Reason I Might Need My Driving Record?

Having a current copy of your driving record can help you in a couple of ways. Of course, the one most important to you right now is that having it will ensure that your ticket gets dismissed. Beyond that, you want to check your driving record from time to time to make sure that it is accurate. If your credit report contains errors, it can cost you. The same is true with your driving record. You may be paying inflated insurance premiums on your car for a ticket you never received or an accident you never had. Make sure your record is clean so that you can keep your auto insurance bill as low as possible.

As long as were talking about insurance, did you know that taking this course can also help lower your premiums? Hundreds of Texas insurance companies offer safe driver discounts and taking a defensive driving course could qualify you for one of these. Ask your insurance man about how much money your certificate of course completion could save you.

Is the DPS the Only Place I Can Get a Copy of My Driving Record?

While your local DPS office is certainly an option for obtaining your driving record, we have found a way to make it easier for you. With the Defensive Driving San Antonio course/driving record combo, you can save yourself a trip to the DPS and have all of your court required paperwork delivered to you in one package. For only $49.95, everyone can get what they want. The court gets the documentation to close your case, your insurance agent gets the assurance that he has a safe driver on his hands and you get the benefit of a dismissed ticket and cheaper insurance. It’s a win win win.

The defensive driving + driving record combo is the fastest way to get everything you need at once!